The Evolved Career Podcast with Julie Bauke | The Mental Toughness Coach - Chris Dorris

The Evolved Career Podcast with Julie Bauke

I had a great podcast recording with Strategic Career Advisor and FIERCE partner for career transitioning professionals, Julie Bauke recently. Julie is a former guest on Tough Talks  and in today’s conversation we discuss the importance and power of not settling when considering your vocation.

‘This guy is tough. Mentally tough. And he wants you to be mentally tough too. Chris Dorris has coached corporate leaders, professional athletes and regular schmoes like you and me to reach their potential by changing their mindset. Is it easy to become a mentally tough mofo? Of course not. But as with almost anything of great value, consistent focus and practice will get you there. Join Chris and I and toughen up, you wuss.’


Click on this link to listen to the Podcast


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