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Orlando Shooting: The ONE Reason We Are Still Killing Each Other

This post is inspired by the Orlando shooting earlier this week.

We lack Emotional Mastery.

The solution to all this killing, and violence in general, in the US, and in the world, has not to do with gun control. That’s potentially a medicine, but it ain’t a vaccine. Gun control as the solution is like treating obesity with diet pills. Stupid.

You don’t have to be shot to be a victim.

The reason why we continue to kill each other has to with the collective Emotional Mastery deprivation crisis among humanity. We don’t know how to control our emotions. We are not capable of interpreting reality in disciplined or masterful ways. We are, rather, victims. Victims of circumstance. We permit external circumstances to govern our internal states. And that’s weak!

We need to start teaching ourselves, and teaching our children – early on – how to strengthen the way that we use our minds. The schools of the world need to incorporate the practical disciplines of Emotional Mastery – or Mental Toughness – as fundamental curriculum, like math and Science. In fact it IS science. The science of Mental Conditioning. We know to strengthen our bodies. It’s time to teach ourselves how to strengthen our minds and convert violence into compassion and cooperation and celebration!


Here’s another brief video on one of the basics of strengthening your mind:

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