Because It’s Fun!


One of the most profound observations that I’ve made over the years in my work as a Coach, Mental Toughness Trainer, and even way back in the day as a Social Worker, is that humans are at their best when they feel their best.

Which means we all have tremendous incentive to become more masterful at creating the high vibe moods – feeling great.

The biggest mistake that I observe people making in the pursuit of excellence and their dreams is WAITING. We’ve been conditioned to wait for some set of circumstances to be different in order to feel the moods or emotional states that catapult us into creativity, greatness, success and the results we desire. We wait for a promotion or a stellar performance review before we feel competent. We wait for a victory before we feel athletic. We wait for the report card that shows a high GPA before we feel intelligent. And that’s a huge waste of time!

Ask the champions of the world, like Michael Allen, what the psychological key to their success is and they’ll tell you that it’s to reverse the equation. Instead of RESULTS –> FEELING GOOD, switch it around to FEELING GOOD –> RESULTS.

Often when people first hear this they say, “Yeah but doesn’t preparedness and talent have something to with success as well?” And the obvious answer is of course it does! But all that talent and preparedness goes right out the window when it isn’t supported by a disciplined mind – one that is willing to choose to start with the masterful moods.

I’ve come across some exceptionally skilled folks in my life that have never achieved or experienced greatness because they paralyze their talents with doubt, and by waiting for results – proof. And, I’ve met some remarkably successful folks who self-admittedly have very little raw talent who get much more out of the little skill that they have by prioritizing belief, and by not waiting for results to feel great.

So the bottom line here is simple: let yourself feel great first! NOW! Don’t wait. How? Like anything else that involves mastery – with practice.

When I ask Michael Allen these days why he plays golf, his answer is, “Because it’s fun.” When I ask him why he wants to be the first ever human to win his first event on the Champions Tour and then win a PGA Tour event he says, “Because it’s fun.” When I ask him why he puts so much effort into his preparation and physical training, “Fun.”

Let the intelligence of light-heartedness do its magic for you. Because it’s fun!

p.s. The video ends abruptly because the camera was full and it shut itself off during the recording. But what was missed in the video was captured in the writing.

p.p.s. I really welcome your comments and suggestions for content for future posts, so don’t hesitate to submit any thoughts you might have.

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