It’s more accurate to call my speaking “Public Coaching” because when I go ALL IN on your stage I make two immediate pledges:

I will NOT treat this like a ‘motivational speech’! Rather, I will treat this as a large group Coaching Session.

I will NOT leave this stage without delivering to you ultra-specific, uber-accessible Mental Toughness training disciplines or practices that, if incorporated into your daily regimen, will massively upgrade your life both personally and professionally.

A few of the amazing companies I’ve had the honor to serve…

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We did a half-day session with Chris when I was at Salesforce. It was THE BEST professional coaching/motivational session I have ever attended!

Don Readhimer, Regional Sales VP at Radius Intelligence

If you’re looking for a motivational speaker, I ain’t your guy.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for someone who will share with you the most powerful, practical Mental Toughness Training technologies that I’ve used in my Coaching work with some of the world’s most successful athletes and business people, then let’s talk.

I speak to two audiences:

  1. Those interested in strengthening their lives by strengthening their minds.
  2. Those interested in fortifying their leadership skills by strengthening their ability to get the most out of their people. (We discuss the behaviors of the world’s greatest leaders, not the personality traits.)

Keynotes & Workshops

“…THE BEST professional coaching/motivational session I have ever attended!”

-Don Readhimer, VP of Sales, Zeno Technologies

Keynotes:  $50,000

One Workshop:

  • Up to 90 minutes     $30,000
  • 90min – 4 hours      $40,000
  • Full day, up to 8 hours    $60,000

* Prices listed above do not include expenses

Workshop Topics

  • Mental Toughness Training Level 1: Emotional Mastery
  • Mental Toughness Training Level 2: ALL IN!  Hoping vs. Deciding
  • Mental Toughness Training Level 3:  Peak Performance Rituals
  • Real Leadership Disciplines: Getting the Most Out of Your People
  • Application and Accountability (follow on sessions)

If you’re interested in having me speak (Coach) at your event,

“I was at SKO in Scottsdale and got a ton of value from the leadership session. So funny to hear how many people told me they went into it thinking “yeah right, I won’t learn anything I don’t already know here” and then came out with a totally refreshed look at their roles as leaders. Thanks for that. Love The Daily Dose emails as well.”

Timothy Forkner
Director, SMB Sales, Americas
Aspen Technology

“…an extraordinary lift in our productivity”

Larry Shurtz
Chief Revenue Officer,

“Chris Dorris is a Wizard!”

Nick Severino
VP/CFO Apple Retail,
Apple Inc.

“Improved my confidence and performance tremendously.”

Jason Kyle
Super Bowl Champion,
Carolina Panthers