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It’s more accurate to call my speaking “Public Coaching” because when I go ALL IN on your stage I make two immediate pledges:

I will NOT treat this like a ‘motivational speech’! Rather, I will treat this as a large group Coaching Session.

I will NOT leave this stage without delivering to you ultra-specific, uber-accessible Mental Toughness training disciplines or practices that, if incorporated into your daily regimen, will massively upgrade your life both personally and professionally.

If you’re looking for a motivational speaker, I ain’t your guy.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for someone who will share with you the most powerful, practical Mental Toughness Training technologies that I’ve used in my Coaching work with some of the world’s most successful athletes and business people, then let’s talk.

I speak to two audiences:

  1. Those interested in strengthening their lives by strengthening their minds.
  2. Those interested in fortifying their leadership skills by strengthening their ability to get the most out of their people. (We discuss the behaviors of the world’s greatest leaders, not the personality traits.)

Speaking Fees


$15,000 + exps.


Up to 90 minutes,  $10,500 + exps.

Up to 4 hours,  $15,000 + exps.

Full day (7 hours),  $20,000 + exps.

Seminar/Workshop Content

Mental Toughness Training Level 1
Emotional Mastery

Mental Toughness Training Level 2
ALL IN! Hoping vs. Deciding

Mental Toughness Training Level 3
Transcendental Meditation, The Zone and Peak Performance Rituals

Real Leadership Disciplines
How To Get the Most Out of Your People

If you’re interested in having me speak (Coach) at your event,

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