Why "Venting" Is a Rookie Move | The Mental Toughness Coach - Chris Dorris

Why “Venting” Is a Rookie Move

What if you trained yourself to interpret all of reality ONLY in an inspired way? What if you NEVER interpreted circumstances as problematic? If that was the case, then you’d never need to “vent.”
Once in a while an attendee at one of my Mental Toughness Training Workshops will make a comment like, “I probably complain too much, but I like venting. I think it’s healthy. I don’t want to keep that angst inside me. I want to get it out.”
I hear that. My response to that is, “Cool. If the pressure has built up inside, release it. That’s the intelligent thing to do for sure. And moving forward, let see if we can upgrade our interpretation habits so profoundly that I stop building up the pressure that needs to be released in the first place. Can we open up to that as a possibility?”

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