Clarity, Courage and Discipline – these are the ingredients of success, and I define success as HAVING YOUR LIFE ON YOUR TERMS.

Given that real success requires Mental Toughness, you can make the argument that these are also the three major components of Mental Toughness. Clarity, Courage and Discipline – a formula that I‘ve been developing over 20 years of coaching.

The Success Formula

The first step in creating your life on your terms, naturally, is establishing CLARITY on what that even looks like. And that task is harder than it sounds. We have to chisel through thick layers of learned limiting beliefs that have us settle, and play small. We reactivate creative genius, we get ALL IN and we GO BIG! We upgrade the “goal” to a decision.

The next step is to learn to demonstrate the COURAGE to unapologetically declare that decision to ourselves and to the relevant people in our lives. We don’t gradually “muster up” the courage. No. We don’t have time for that. We simply learn to BE that courage now and as a consequence, we enlist the assistance and support of the people around us.

And finally, the third, and perpetually ongoing step, is DISCIPLINE. Discipline means the Mental Toughness to Do What It Takes (D.W.I.T.) in a sustainable way so that we make our vision our reality. This is brain training. Reprogramming the mind so that ultimately we use our minds only in ways that serve us.

Giving my clients the tools to do this is my life’s meaning and passion.

Are we a good coaching match?

If you’re serious about your success – living life on your own terms – let’s make it happen.

You’re the right client for me if you’re willing to commit to making the significant investment in effort, time and resources that it will take for us to create big time results – that’s the investment you must be willing to make in  yourself.

These are my current coaching programs:

I’m not a new age guru type life coach – I’m from New Jersey!

I’m a Success Coach. I’m a Mental Toughness Coach. I teach Emotional Mastery. I coach from the heart with love, but our coaching sessions won’t be lovely chit-chats.

I would never avoid offending you in the name of serving you. It takes real work. When we coach, I disappear into your world with the singular intention of helping you create what you want. Our investment in each other will transform your life.

There’s no need to wait and there’s no need to settle.

“Chris Dorris is a Wizard!”

— Nick Severino, VP/CFO Apple Retail at Apple Inc

Nick Severino VP CFO Apple Retail

“He made me show up for myself.  He made me embrace who I was.”

— Stella Reid AKA Nanny Stella from Nanny 911

Nanny Stella from Nanny 911


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