Web-based Mental Toughness Training Workshops for Business

Web-based Training

In Some Ways, These Online Trainings Are Uniquely Better AND Even More Valuable Than In-Person Events and Seminars…

When we can’t get together for live workshops or trainings, or choose not to, then as an alternative we can capitalize on technology and create a perfectly effective and powerful experience for your people.

Web-based Training Advantages & Highlights
  • It is more important than ever to keep your teams’ minds tough and focused on peak performance
  • As much as 50% cost savings with no travel or lodging expenses
  • Huge time savings for your team members and organization
  • Collaboration with a Company Moderator adds great value by facilitating nuanced dialogue and interaction among attendees
  • Webinar Recordings mean your entire organization can benefit even those who are unable to attend the live webinar(s)

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“The team loved it…  new Mental Toughness nomenclature in our cultural vocabulary. Totally worth the investment!”

“We hired Chris to facilitate a 90 minute Zoom-based virtual Intro to Mental Toughness Workshop and it was exactly what we needed. The team loved it. I moderated the chat/questions as Chris took us through the content and it was seamless. The team took away several concrete tools and we’re using them. We even have some new Mental Toughness nomenclature (“Staying Above the O-Line” for example) in our cultural vocabulary. Totally worth the investment!”

— Sarah Fox, Regional VP, Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Sarah Fox - Reg VP - Salesforces Marketing Cloud

“Chris Dorris is a Wizard!”

— Nick Severino, VP/CFO Apple Retail at Apple Inc

Nick Severino VP CFO Apple Retail

“We were in a full day training and your 90 minute workshop was the highlight of my day!”

— Jarrod Bogue, Vice President, Micro Focus


“…an extraordinary lift in our productivity”

“Simply put, he has transformed the way my team thinks and feels about their work, has driven an extraordinary lift in our productivity and has given us a framework for dialogue and mental toughness that we had never experienced before our sessions with him.”

— Larry Shurtz, EVP N. America Enterprise, Salesforce.com

Larry Shurtz, Senior Vice President, Salesforce.com

Single Web-based Workshop Offerings

Workshop Topics

  • Living Above The O-Line: An Intro to the Fundamentals of Mental Toughness Training
  • ALL IN! The Power of Infinite Commitment
  • Leadership: Getting The Most Out Your People
  • Post-Performance Optimization Routines
  • Gameface: Activating The Peak Performance State
  • Imagery: Using The Power of the Mind’s Eye to Create Excellence
  • The Shooter’s Mentality / Convincing Argument
  • The Gap: The Power and Value of Quieting the Mind
  • The Problem is The Gift: Converting Adversity into Fuel
  • Awareness & Presence: The Practice of Removing Fear & Regret
  • I AMs: Removing the Unnecessary Time Between You and Your Excellence

90 Minute Workshops Include:

  • Pre-workshop Call
  • Pre-work
  • Customized Brief Introduction Video
  • Workshop
  • Customized Summary Video
  • Impact Surveys (immediate and 8 weeks)
  • Link to Download Recording
  • Subscriptions to The Daily Dose, Tough Talks and Blog

Investment: $15,000

Custom pricing and programs are available for a workshop series.

Web-based Training Series Offerings

The Fundamentals

Includes 4 Webinars:
  • The O-Line
  • Game Face/Imagery
  • Convincing Argument
  • The Gap

These are the basics upon which the remainder of Mental Toughness Training is built.

The webinars in this series contain the foundations of Mental Toughness. As is the case in all disciplines in life, there are the fundamentals upon which all mastery is developed. The Mental Toughness Tools covered in this series are the profound basics of training the mind for excellence.

Investment: $50K

Leadership Badassery

Includes 4 Webinars:
  • The O-Line
  • ALL IN!
  • M.O.P. Part 1
  • M.O.P. Part 2

I define leadership as the art of getting the Most Out of Your People (MOP). All high-level leadership requires that leaders walk their talk. Thus, included in this workshop series are some of the fundamentals that great leaders will model for their people.

Additionally, the two MOP webinars are a set of high-level leadership behaviors that can be practiced and strengthened. The privilege of leading can be one of the most rewarding professional experiences if done masterfully. And this series is all about that – The Mastery of Leading.

Investment: $50K

The Samurai Series

Includes 4 Webinars:
  • The O-Line
  • ALL IN!
  • The GAP
  • I AM!

East meets West in this hybrid webinar series with a potent combination of practices and disciplines that draw upon Eastern philosophies and traditional Western psychology.

If you know my work at all, you know that I trim off all the fluff. I reduce the content down to its most simplified and powerful form. Only practical, immediately digestible content here.

This is some of the most profound work I have ever done with my own coaches.

Investment: $50K

The Gold Medal Series

Includes 6 Webinars:
  • The O-Line
  • ALL IN!
  • Pre-Game and Post-Game Routines (3 parts)
  • Game Face/Imagery
  • Shooter’s Mentality/Convincing Arg/Prob = Gift (abbrev version)
  • The GAP

Heads up, Corporate Athlete! This one’s for you! This is a robust package of Mental Toughness tools for Frontline Performers – an ideal workshop series for Sales Teams. The intent of this combination of workshops is to equip the performers with everything they would need psychologically to kick ass and get the gold. These are the tools I used when I was exclusively working with elite athletes.

Investment: $60K

The Peaceful Warrior

Includes 3 Webinars:
  • The Gap
  • Awareness and Presence
  • I AM

Similar to the Samurai, The Peaceful Warrior is fiercely committed to their growth. In fact, it’s priority number one.

The distinction between the Samurai Series and The Peaceful Warrior Series is that the latter focuses entirely upon the deeper exercises of inner training. If you were going to refer to any of these series as a “spiritual retreat” – this is the one.

This is the series for those who aren’t afraid of the deep end of the pool.

Investment: $38K

The Royale with Cheese

Includes 7 Webinars:
  • The O-Line
  • ALL IN!
  • The GAP
  • I AM
  • M.O.P.
  • Pre-Game/Post-Game (2 Parts)
  • Awareness and Presence
  • O-Line
  • ALL IN!
  • The GAP
  • I AM
  • M.O.P.
  • Pre-Game/Post-Game (2 Parts)
  • Awareness and Presence

It’s a playful name stolen from the movie Pulp Fiction. It’s the Big Kahuna. The Full Monty. The Whole Ball of Wax. The Farm. OK, I think you get the point.

This is the series for the organization that is every bit as invested in training their leadership as they are their frontline performers and as they are their support staff.

This is a comprehensive approach to injecting Mental Toughness into your organization’s culture. If you need no convincing on the value of Mental Toughness – meaning, you get that already – and you’re willing to invest in deeply developing your people at every level of the organization, this is the one for you.

Investment: $90K

When you are ready to explore how my engaging web-based workshops can empower your leaders and your whole entire Company to CRUSH IT,

“What I really love about Chris’s work is that it has tremendous positive impact on peoples’ personal lives as well as their professional lives.”

Daren Glenister
Field CTO,
VP Global Presales & Pro Services

Daren Glenister - Intralinks

“Chris, you presented to our Salesforce team a few weeks ago and it’s had a significantly positive impact on my personal and professional development. The team references Mental Toughness almost daily.  Wanted to let you know the seeds you planted are taking hold over here.”

Dan Arnett
Marketing Cloud Account Executive

Dan Arnett - Salesforce

“One of the things I really love about this is that you can record it and share it with your entire Company.”

David Earhart
President & GM,
One Identity
A Quest Software Company

David Earhart, President Quest Software

A few of the amazing companies I’ve had the honor to serve…

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