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Carson Wentz Teaches Us 3 Huge Life Lessons in 2 Short Minutes

After he tore his ACL in a game on December 10, 2017, Carson recorded a powerful video which he shared on social media. In that brief 2 minute video, he demonstrated 3 monumental lessons in Mental Toughness. And I wanted to thank him, and point them out to you here.

The first nugget of gold is THANK GOD WE DON’T ALWAYS GET WHAT WE WANT! It might initially sound jacked, but it’s really quite brilliant. And accurate. We NEED the struggle to grow and as humans, we are designed for growth.

The second huge lesson: Powerful Creators (Mentally Tough people) choose to interpret reality only in ways that inspire them. Every set of circumstances can be leveraged for individual and collective gain – if only viewed masterfully.

And finally, the third monumental gift from Carson’s message: The power of selflessness and how much more powerful we all are when we authentically prioritize lifting up our “teammates” (on and off the playing field) over our own personal gain. And the beautiful paradox that’s inherent within that. The paradox being that when we prioritize service to others over personal profit, when we actually really do that, everyone benefits more.

Carson, you’re a true leader. Your contribution extends far beyond the playing field, and I am proud to have you at the helm of my beloved BIRDS!

Here Carson’s original video

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