We are always either polluting or purifying the environment with our vibe. It’s measurable and it’s obvious.

We are either repelling or attracting beauty, opportunity, connection, solutions, and rewarding, fulfilling experiences with our vibration. And we can instantly manipulate our vibe.

Also, we are always responding to (or mindlessly reacting to) the vibes of those around us.


The Practice:

Prior to any interaction, get into the habit of elevating your vibe by reciting the mantras below. Instead of waiting to see how others are vibing, YOU be the bearer of the high vibe. Bring that vibe into your experiences and let it be an irresistible invitation to join you.




· Create the State – Don’t Wait!

· Magic is all there is. Slow down, vibe up, and co-create with it!

Many years ago I took a trip to Cabo that turned into an unexpected journey of rapid, deep personal transformation.

This post is one of sixteen excerpts of a piece of writing that I did, that was inspired by this magical experience.

Each “chapter” contains a lesson that can be categorized as a lesson in Mental Toughness, personal development, or spiritual growth.

These chapters have been organized into three segments: the Lesson theory, a Practice, and relevant Mantras to help you in your own journey.

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