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Blissfully Detached from Outcome

I use the following words/phrases interchangeably:

Mental Toughness

Psychological Strength

Emotional Mastery


All the same thing. They all involve training your mind to serve you. And one of the ways your mind serves you is to create joy. Which is a highly intelligent thing to do, by the way – creating joy. (For an awesome 12-minute video by Shawn Achor on why your business performance will upgrade itself as you use your mind to create happiness, click HERE.)

There are so many cool definitions of enlightenment. One of them is the ability to live blissfully detached from the outcome. How does that work? Blissful detachment from any outcome? Almost sounds like complacency or apathy. But it isn’t. It’s at the opposite end of the power spectrum from those.

The true mental warriors in life combine two ingredients in their success recipe:

1. Absolute commitment to cause.

2. Total surrender to outcome.

They invest 100% of their efforts into creating the vision, and then they accept everything that unfolds with pure gratitude and enthusiasm.

It’s a powerful discipline to adopt.

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  1. Cy Garrick says:

    1. Absolute commitment to cause.

    2. Total surrender to outcome.


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