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I Want To Be Able To Run!

Had a cool thought today as I was taking off from JFK. (My mind seems so much dreamier when I’m flying in an airplane – especially on take-off.)

What if life was one big lucid dream? And for most of us the dream was one of those dreams where you need to run but for some reason, you can’t. And even though you know you’re dreaming – if even only on the faintest of levels – you still can’t get yourself to run. And it sucks.

After I awaken from a dream like that, I’m a little pissed. I want to go back in and have a do-over. I want to fall back into the dream state and then get it right. I want to be able to run. Because it just seems so stupid that I can’t run! I don’t care about the psychological interpretation of the dream. I couldn’t care less about that. All I want to do is go back in and feel the freedom of being able to do what I know I’m capable of doing. Simple as that.

What if life is that? What if we awaken after the whole deal is over and we snap to, realizing it was all just a dream? And everything’s cool because we now realize in our awakened state that whatever was troubling us while we were asleep isn’t real and therefore isn’t a problem. So now we feel peaceful. BUT – we want to go back into the dream and RUN!

Well then let’s RUN! In every aspect of our lives! When I realize that something’s holding me back – doesn’t matter what it is – when I realize that, I’m remembering that I’m dreaming, I’m the dreamer, I get to govern my role in this fantasy and I get to run if I want to. So why don’t we all just stare down whatever it is that’s inhibiting us, smile at it, turn and haul ass!

Wait. Better idea. I had this thought on a plane. Forget running. Why don’t we just fly?!


  1. I know what you mean about flying, Chris. I like the window seat, too. Talk about perspective! The view always inspires me to write poetry.

  2. Doug says:

    Great thoughts…. is this the similar to the idea of living consequence free?

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