Surrender to Uncertainty

Hope you’re having a miraculous day! Let’s get deep for a minute.  Consider the following mantra, one of my favorites:

“My soul and I reside and abide in the realm of uncertainty and surrender to it.”

We live in a universe that’s characterized by uncertainty. We can’t know what’s going to happen next. We can guess with a reasonable degree of certainty, based on historical observation, but even a great degree of certainty contains a degree of uncertainty as well.

So we get to make a choice here. We can either be cool with uncertainty (which is freedom), or we can struggle against it (which is hell).

Our conditioning tells us that we need to know. We need to have proof or some indication that things are going to be OK in order to feel peace, confidence, competence, readiness, lightness, enthusiasm – all the feelings that activate creative genius and permit us to create miracles.

Surrendering into uncertainty is not the same as giving up. Paradoxically, it’s just the opposite. In this context, to surrender means to relinquish the struggle or fight against the nature of what is (uncertainty), in order to work masterfully with it, and therefore to benefit from it, with least effort. So not only is it NOT passively giving up, it’s the wisest choice of action.

Every day you can recite this mantra to yourself as a reminder that you don’t need to know what the outcome will be, and that you get to celebrate the fact that the unknown gives excitement to this life.

The uncertainty is what puts the miracle in all this.

“My soul and I reside and abide in the realm of uncertainty and surrender to it.”


  1. David Wetmore says:

    Our dear friend Mandy Evans says “I’m comfortable not knowing what I don’t know!”

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