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Clarity, Courage and Discipline

Clarity. Courage. Discipline. As I see it, these are the three ingredients to ultimate success (however you choose to define success – in EVERY possible way).

If I am not clear on what it is that I intend to create or how it is that I most profoundly want to use my life then I will certainly never manifest it. I must first have Clarity. And Clarity is tricky. It’s tricky because of conditioning – learned limiting beliefs.

Even if I am clear on how I want to use my life and what I want to have, be and do, I still need Courage. I need courage to do two things: one, to challenge conventional thinking about what is possible for me, and, two, to declare it aloud to the world without reluctance or self-consciousness.

And finally, I may have both Clarity and Courage, but if I lack the Discipline to do what it takes in a sustainable way – especially when things aren’t going as planned -then my dreams stand no chance. Discipline in this context refers to the Mental Toughness or Emotional Mastery that will permit me to choose to interpret reality in such a way that inspires me endlessly and activates all forms of intelligence – thereby maximizing the likelihood of creating my desires.

Create Miracles!

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  1. Mike Garrick says:

    Chris you are the man! Your material resonates with me. I love your ability to simplify. I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan. Keep up the great work! I love your “All in” and “Creating your dream” . SO many tools to improve my life. Thanks for all your help.

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