The Big Game of Hide and Seek

Alan Watts, one of my all-time favorite teachers. He was an interpreter of Zen Buddhism, Indian and Chinese philosophy, a lecturer and prolific author.

He said, “Each of us is an aperture through which the universe observes itself; only the game we’re playing is to not know that.”  And after he’d say it, he’d laugh heartily, not caring if anyone else thought it was funny – which it made it funny even if it wasn’t.

The game we’re playing here, the game of life, is to forget that we are expressions of Divine Grace in human form, expressions of the infinite organizing intelligence in human form. And then to remember that. And then to forget it again. And so forth and so on. That’s the game. The big game of hide and seek.

From time to time we have these peak experiences that we call rapture, religious experiences, spiritual epiphanies or, in the context of my work as a Mental Toughness Coach, we get “in the zone”. These are the moments when we are remembering who we are. Then we hide.  And then we forget that we are God. Then we seek.

That’s the game we get to play. Hide and seek. We hide ourselves and find ourselves and repeat. What fun, huh?! And how interesting that as children, we intuitively know that.

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