5 Steps to Treat Shame Incontinence: Urgency vs Desire | The Mental Toughness Coach - Chris Dorris

5 Steps to Treat Shame Incontinence: Urgency vs Desire

Stay through to the end of this one, folks. In this vlog, we discuss the neurotic nature of learned, fabricated urgency – the type of fake urgency that can ruin entire lives – and how to treat it.

The 5 Steps:

1. Heighten your awareness to the emotional state of urgency.
2. Create reminders for yourself to do that daily.
3. Replace urgency with Enthusiasm.
4. Repeat perpetually.
5. Practice The Gap



  1. Karen Guggino says:

    “Hope that’s useful” YES Chris! It was beyond useful and a flip for my brain… to the point I will put that video on repeat so I can let that “sink in” a few more times! My thinking is so habitual! The info in this video is so specific and helpful. Exactly what I needed and maybe didn’t even completely know it… sort of but not really;) Also, thanks for the belly laughs at 7:30am. You crack me up! Last, thanks for being so transparent and using yourself as an example it really resonates. I will continue to share with the people I care for! Everyone can use a “daily dose” of “golden nuggets!” 😉

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