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Conflict Free

When I was in India studying at The Oneness University, I had an evening meeting with one of the dasaji’s (teachers) during which I asked her, “How do you define enlightenment?” She smiled, reflected for about 20 seconds and said, “Having no internal conflict.”

That’s since become my favorite definition. Just spend a moment with that tiny little powerful¬†phrase – having no internal conflict. And imagine that. Imagine the experience of being free from all internal conflict. Imagine what that would be like. Do you think it’s possible? I do.

I often refer to my coaching programs as Mental Toughness Training. And I equate the term Mental Toughness Training with a heightened consciousness. And I equate the term heightened consciousness with enlightenment. It’s all the science of happiness or the game of eliminating internal conflict.

The practice or discipline of self-inquiry is the practice of training yourself to choose to experience reality in a non-problematic way. Imagine seeing no problems. Seeing only situations, opportunities, and beauty.

When I view the world in an inspiring way, I activate dopamine – the on switch for all the brain’s learning centers. When I can view the world that way I am further empowered to creatively solve its “problems”!


  1. Cy Garrick says:

    I think another definition of enlightenment for me would be to completely trust myself. Not to let anything external distract me from my ultimate purpose in life, which is happiness.

  2. Dave Young says:

    Finding a usable definition of enlightenment is one of the oldest questions of mankind, but Chris’ is clearly as good as any I’ve heard. The goofy version is, “If you have to ask, you ain’t there.” Hmmm, then again, maybe not so goofy.

    • Chris Dorris says:

      I wish I could remember the name of the wonderful, brilliant young teacher who gifted me with that response, Dave. I’ll never forget that moment, however.

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