The Return of The Guru (in You)

What makes a “spiritual guru”?


Let’s break down the term “spiritual guru”.

Spiritual = of spirit, the state of being spirited, joyous, exuberant, awe-inspired and free to be transparent – having no internal conflict.

Guru = the expert.

So who is expert at being that way? Each of us is. As children. Prior to being educated on how to be self-conscious. Before we’re taught to worry about whether we are acceptable or not, adequate or not, we are all free to exist without inhibition. We are free to exist in a state of perpetual causeless joy.

Let’s each return to our spiritual guru status in 2019. Let’s unlearn the conditioned beliefs that would have us interpret reality as problematic and that would have us entertain that our truths could ever be anything less than perfect.

Happy New year!

Create Miracles!


  1. Mary Westheimer says:

    Thank you, Chris. It is an ongoing process ….

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