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Game Face

Do you know what your Game Face is? Cause you have one, and it’s a remarkably valuable Mental Toughness tool for getting things done and getting them done in a really efficient way. AND, for feeling amazing while you’re doing it.

The term “Game Face” refers to your peak performance mentality. It’s the psychological or emotional state that you’re in when you’re at your absolute best. It’s not a facial expression. It’s that remarkable mood that’s behind the face when you’re in the zone.

And everyone’s got one. Kind of like a thumb print. We all have them, but they’re unique to us. No two are identical. PGA Tour Player, Jeff Quinney’s Game Face is different than Michael Allen’s. And Michael Allen’s Game Face is quite different than Chez Reavie’s. Warren Buffet’s is different than Donald Trump’s. And yours’ is uniquely different than mine. But we all have one, and the key is to figure out what that state is, so that you can call upon it in moments when you feel like thriving.

One of the most common mistakes I witness people making in the pursuit of their dreams, is that they WAIT for great results before they permit themselves to feel that mastery or peak performance mentality. They wait for things to go well before they let themselves feel competent, confident, prepared, deserved, masterful, enthused, focused, and ready. And that’s a waste, because the people who create miracles consistently, and feel fantastic doing it, don’t wait. They create the mood first, and then let that state of mind propel them into the results they want. They put their Game Face on BEFORE they act.

They know that the outer world is a reflection of the inner world, and therefore put great effort into creating a masterful inner state before they engage in important activities.

So here’s the deal…

What’s Your Game Face?

To discover your own peak performance mentality, simply recall your best ever performance. In anything. If you’re a golfer, recall your career round. If you’re a salesperson, recall your best sales day ever. If you’re a musician, recall your best recital or show or performance to date. If you’re a speaker, you’re best presentation. And when you’ve got that performance in mind, re-experience it in detail. Take yourself back to that day and let yourself FEEL the way you felt. Recreate that amazing mood you were in when you knew, you just KNEW it was on! And feel it again. Experience that mood.

And then capture it with 3 words. Come up with 3 great words that really capture the essence of that state. For example, my Game Face words are: Warrior, Expert, and Buddha.

Warrior represents the feeling of fiery intensity that I experience when I’m at my best. Expert reflects the sensation of competence and excellence, skill and preparedness. And Buddha captures the deep sense of fearlessness and peace, rightness and serenity that I feel when I’m just crushing it.

How To Put Your Game Face On!

Two simple steps:

Recite your words to yourself. Go through each one mindfully, and bring it to life.
Take yourself back to that best ever performance and re-experience it.

And now you’re ready to create miracles!

Before you take your next test, before you play your next tournament, before you go into your next presentation, put your Game Face on. And let the energy of your inner state activate your genius.


  1. Michael Sasarman says:

    Thank you Chris for a great post

  2. Carol T says:

    Love this post Chris – thank you!

  3. Angel says:

    Very good post. I’m going through some of these issues as

  4. Saira says:

    Excellent advice. Many thanks Chris.

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