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The World NEEDS You to Have What You Want!


This post is and oldie but a goodie, back from when I launched ALL IN! the original audio program. So obviously it made sense to update it and sent it out again as part of launching ALL IN! 2.0. 

Studies by both Forbes and have indicated that 84% of Americans report disliking their jobs. That’s the vast majority of the workforce! Unhappy with where they work. Why? How can that happen?

It can only be because of one thing. Scarcity thinking. In other words, the belief that what I want is NOT available and therefore I must settle for whatever I can get in order to survive. The scarcity mentality is synonymous with the survival mentality. And it’s learned.

The alternative – the worldview of those who create wonderful lives for themselves – is the Abundant mentality, or the Thriving Mentality. Abundance means that whatever I desire is, in some form, available to me.

When I CHOOSE to operate from this paradigm, I am an infinitely different person. I activate all forms of intelligence, including creative genius. And I crush it!

Operative word there was “choose”. The first step to creating the life of my dreams is to BELIEVE that I CAN!

And, an additional interesting point…THE WORLD NEEDS YOU TO DO SO! Because when you are living a life of fulfillment and reward and satiation and abundance, your ability and willingness to make a significant contribution to the world in exponentially multiplied.

So, get ALL IN with that. The world needs it from you!

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