Mental Toughness Coach Chris Dorris

As a Mental Toughness Coach, I’m ultimately in the business of Success Coaching. I help people close the gap between how their lives are and how they want them to be.

I started my career as a social worker working on the streets of Atlantic City, helping the mentally ill, drug addicted and homeless populations upgrade their lives. Over the course of those several years, I observed that some of those folks – as a consequence of their belief and their persistence – were able to overcome some pretty serious challenges. That experience, in retrospect, was the perfect foundation for what would become my vocation.

I then decided to marry my passion for the power of the human spirit with my passion for sports. So I moved to Arizona to attend graduate school at Arizona State University. I created an internship with the Men’s Golf Team which evolved into a paid position as the formal Mental Toughness Coach. Over the course of those ten years I really learned a ton about the mechanics of training the mind. My new mission was to coach professional and amateur golfers. And I did that.

Since then, I discovered that the Mental Toughness tools that I was using with many of the world’s greatest athletes were perfectly applicable to many other disciplines beyond sport. I’m coaching several of the top performing sales teams and leaders from multiple Fortune 500 companies. I’ve trained the minds of world famous actors, NFL and NHL Coaches, business executives, Super Bowl Champions and billionaires. I can honestly say I live a work-free life. Because I truly love what I do, and I love the folks with whom I do it.

I am the author of three books:

and have created several audio programs including: