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There IS No Problem!

15 billion years. With a “B”. Billion. 15 billion. That’s how long this universe has been unfolding with flawless choreography. Humans arrived on the scene maybe 6 or 7 million years ago. Give or take A MILLION! Scientists need a little wiggle room with that estimate. A million years worth, which, in context, ain’t that much. That’s only 1 of 15,000 millions of years of wiggle room. So, we’re fresh on the scene. Newcomers. The greenhorns, so to speak. But yet, we seem to think we’ve got it all in perspective. “There are serious problems here!”, we say.


In order for anything to have evolved into existence, everything – EVERYTHING – had to be precisely as it was. Perfection. For example, the ratio of particles to anti-particles in the fractions of seconds after the Big Bang had to be exactly what it was in order for the universe to expand. That perfect set of conditions started the 15 billion-year-long sequence of flawlessly orchestrated events – in the midst of which you are at the moment reading this blog post.

Then – very recently – humans come along. With a neo-cortex which permits us to interpret this perfect reality in ways other than perfect. Which is funny. Unless it isn’t. And it isn’t when we choose to interpret the perfection as problematic. In a negative way.

I love problems. Like math problems. I love them because they aren’t “problematic”, but rather they are puzzles to be solved. And to me, that’s fun to do. It’s also good exercise for the brain. (So much so that I include a chapter in my book, Creating your Dream (click that to go to for your digital copy), on Brain Training.) Math “problems” are fun and healthy. They stimulate the mind and increase creativity and solution-focused thinking.

One of my favorite mantras is…

There is no problem with this world; the only problem is the way I see it.

We would truly serve ourselves to practice upgrading our “problematic” interpretations of this perfect reality. We’d feel better, AND we’d BE better in every conceivable way. We would be activating all forms of intelligence and we would be much more masterful in the pursuit of Miraculous Living!

Create Miracles!

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