The Infinite Beauty of Now


There is infinite beauty in every moment. That can never change. What changes is our ability to recognize that beauty from moment to moment. We can remember a little more each day, through practice, to experience the blissfulness and enchantment that comes with acknowledging that we are an integral part of a perfectly beautiful universe.


The Practice:

Witness the infinite beauty in all things, places and experiences:

The bubbles in the dish water as we wash the dishes.

The artistry of our penmanship as we do our paperwork.

The perfection of form as we exercise.

The attention to detail as we frame a house.

The nuance and freshness of meeting each new person.

The symmetry of  lines in a skyscraper.

The vibrancy of the color red in the brake lights of the traffic ahead of us.


Heighten awareness to your judgment. Notice yourself complaining, and replace it with appreciation and gratitude.



I see the infinite beauty in all things.

I will forget this, but I will remember a little more each day.

Many years ago I took a trip to Cabo that turned into an unexpected journey of rapid, deep personal transformation.

This post is one of sixteen excerpts of a piece of writing that I did, that was inspired by this magical experience.

Each “chapter” contains a lesson that can be categorized as a lesson in Mental Toughness, personal development, or spiritual growth.

These chapters have been organized into three segments: the Lesson theory, a Practice, and relevant Mantras to help you in your own journey.


  1. Zack Attack says:

    Wonderful post. As I was reading, I found myself appreciating the smoothness of my breath – in and out – while I read.

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