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The Intelligence of Gratitude

Here in The US, we celebrate one of my favorite holidays this week, Thanksgiving. What a great name for a holiday. Thanks giving. It’s a day dedicated to giving thanks. Gratitude.

It’s so uplifting, the state of gratitude. It lifts you up. In so many ways, it enlivens you. When we choose states like gratitude, we instruct our brains to release neurotransmitters (Dopamine and Serotonin) that have us be light-hearted, intelligent, creative, compassionate, and skilled. That’s why it’s so smart to choose gratitude.

Notice I keep using the word “choose”. I use it because every state we will ever experience is the byproduct of our choice on how to think in that moment. Which means we have access to gratitude all the time. All we need to do, no matter what the circumstance, in order to feel thankfulness, and to benefit from it, is to choose to think about that for which we are grateful. It’s that simple.

The challenge is that we have rehearsed otherwise when things aren’t going as we had hoped they would, and thus we have created thinking habits that don’t serve us.

So, let’s use this Thanksgiving holiday, whether you recognize or celebrate this holiday or not, no matter where in the world you may be, to commit to having EVERY day be a day of giving thanks. Let’s use this wonderful holiday as a RE-MINDer (reprogramming the mind) to commit to choosing the state of gratitude daily. Because when we do, not only do we feel better, but also we ARE better, at everything, and we influence the world around us in a more powerful and supportive way.

The image I chose above is a family saying grace before their Thanksgiving feast. They are praying together, giving sincere thanks. Imagine yourself now in that state of deep deep gratitude. Imagine it. In fact, create it right now. Feel it.

Now imagine how the world would be if we all did just that, everyday, a little more frequently.

I’m grateful to you for reading this. And I’d be even more grateful if you’d share it with someone you love.

And one last thing…

The image below is a clickable link to the most beautiful short video I have ever seen on Gratitude. It was created by film guru, Louie Schwartzberg, and is narrated by Brother David Steindl-Rast (google that dude, or just click his name – he is fascinating!). I’ve seen it hundreds of times. I use it constantly in my talks and coaching sessions, and I get teary every single time. True story. Enjoy.


And create Miracles!



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