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The COURAGE to believe!

This is the second installment in the initial triad of posts. The first was Clarity. This one is on Courage. And the next will be on Discipline.

Without Clarity on how it is that one wishes to most profoundly use their life, they certainly cannot create the dream. But that clarity is not enough. In order to manifest the life of your dreams, you must also establish the Courage to reprogram some extremely powerful conditioned beliefs that tell you you can’t have what you want, or be who you want, or follow your passion and still thrive.

One of the most profoundly debilitating beliefs that we pick up along the way is that it is not practical, or in many cases even possible, to expect to be able to commit one’s life to their passion and simultaneously thrive. We’re told that we need to be “realistic” with our goals and aspirations, and to have “back up plans” that are more likely to come true.

This advice comes from a place of scarcity thinking – fear. And it’s handed down generation to generation. And it is precisely why 84% of Americans report hating their jobs! We’re directed by “Guidance Counselors” and “Career Development Advisors” to take tests that will tell us what we should do with our lives. We’re offered a menu of options to choose from and we’re actually encouraged NOT to rely on our fantasies of our perfect futures, because those fantasies, those vibrant, creativity packed visions, aren’t practical or dependable and won’t result in our ability to survive. And then we spend the rest of our lives coming up with excuses to justify why we are settling for less than what we truly desire.

Well, it’s time to adopt the courage to put aside the desire to “survive” and replace it with the decision to thrive. And in order to do that, we need to challenge the belief that there could possibly be anything more intelligent to do than to trust the infinite organizing intelligence inherent within our passions!

For two decades now, I’ve been working with folks on creating dreams. And in every bit of observation that I have ever made, read about or heard about, it remains consistently true that those people who have demonstrated the COURAGE to believe in the resource inspiring power of a passionate vision, are the people who create the greatest success, both emotionally as well as financially.

There was a Harvard study conducted that involved 1500 subjects who were about to graduate and go off into the real world. They were each asked if they were going to pursue a career for money or for passion. Two thirds answered money. 20 years later, the follow up was conducted and 101 of the 1500 respondents had established a net worth of $1 Million or more. Of that 101, only ONE of them came from the group that pursued money. The other 100 came from the 500 who had the courage to pursue the passion.

As humans, we are designed for passion. The better we feel about where we are in our lives and how we are using them, the more we activiate the creative genius within each of us. And as we tap into that infinite source of creativity, we discover the resources to create miracles.

This Courage I speak of is a choice. It’s nothing more than a decision. Most people wait for evidence of success before they permit themselves to feel the courage. And most therefore spend their entire lives waiting and wishing. Don’t wait. Choose the courage now.

To reprogram your beliefs, repeat these mantras to yourself a hundred times a day:

  • I trust the intelligence inherent within my passion.
  • There is nothing wiser for me to do than to follow my bliss.


  1. Brian Weinberger says:

    Chris — This stuff is awesome. Glad to see that you contunue to bring it, man. Brian

  2. Yes, I love this. I like to tell people it takes Faith, Confidence and Belief, and much courage. I am launching a new radio show on the Internet…Survive and Thrive Radio with Dr Joan. Cathleen Fillmore suggested we connect. You can find me at
    Expect a miracle today!

  3. Chris,
    You have a wonderful soul. And I love your wisdom plus the incredible talent that you share. Keep up the wonderful work and I look forward to reading more and more.

  4. Luis Acosta says:

    Good to hear that you are working in such an important educational project. I hope you are sharing this wonderful professional advice with youth and maybe children. You mentioned that we were educated in a certain way that creates fear. I agree and your philosophical approach to the mental toughness is very unique and I am sure that this will be very beneficial to all ages.
    Best wishes!


  5. Mac says:

    great blog chris! not only is it well presented & articulated, but more important, the message is meaningful, significant and helpful for everyone. thanks for sharing!

  6. Maggy says:

    Could you please explain this again in 9th grader terms? I want to understand, but I don’t.

  7. Mary Bea says:

    Thanks for sharing, you definitely continue to follow your bliss. Let’s hook up soon!

  8. nandini says:

    thank you for the encouragement-
    I am going to share it with my kids and i hope they take a page out of this and learn to follow their dreams –
    but on the other hand honestly speaking alot of kids of this gen- do follow this.

  9. Hi Chris,
    Thank you for your inspiring thoughts.
    It’s an art and a gift to be able to express all this in a way that most of us grasp this wisdom.
    You have this gift.
    This ancient wisdom, to listen from within and act upon it, is dormant in all of us. Society let us believe that we should live our life according to the circumstances outside of us.
    That, kind of, makes us robots. Society has the remote and you dance to its commands. And we find it strange that so many of us are depressed…
    Listen to your heart, listen to your inner wisdom. Embrace it, nurture it and go for it, what ever it is.
    It makes you feel like a million bucks!

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