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Charlie Sheen is a Mirror

Last week my Miraculous Life email Bulletin elicited some pretty strong reactions. And that wasn’t my intention. I don’t post things for shock value or to simply stir the pot. Everything I ever write and submit publically is done so with the intention of somehow raising the bar on how we, as a collective, view the world.

Charlie Sheen’s recent public presence and persona is, on many levels, disturbing. If he was my friend, I’d be legitimately concerned about him and I would be reaching out to him – not simply writing about him. Many of his behaviors seem clearly indicative of a deep spiritual crisis. All addictions are spiritually rooted, substance or sex, gambling or any other form. All rooted in a deprivation of spiritual enrichment.

But NONE of that was my point. And nor is it now. The point that is ripe for the making is simply this:

All relationship is a mirror. Whenever I feel emotionally affected by someone in either a positive or a negative way, what’s happening is that perosn is reflecting back to me an element of myslef. They are mirroring my authentic self. I’m seeing in that person an element of me. Otherwise I couldn’t see it.

If I witness generosity, I contain the seed of generosity within me. If I recognize anger or prejudice, it is because I also contain those seeds. I may or may not be activating those seeds by behaving violently or with prejudice, but I possess them – lest I would never see them in another.

Whatever I see in Charlie right now, I see in me. If I see chaos, I will benefit more (and so will the world) from taking a light-hearted inward look at myself and ask, “How do I create chaos in my life?” If I see opportunism, I can ask, “How do I selfishly take advantage of situations in my life?” If I see abusiveness I can ask, “How do I abuse myself or others?”

All relationship is a mirror and our world doesn’t need any more judgment. Let’s use Charlie Sheen and his drama of late as reminder to practice the art of self inquiry. See if we can make a contribution to heightening the collective consciousness of the planet. Turn our awareness inward and look for a place to grow.


  1. Robyn McKay says:

    Thank you for your thoughtful, cogent response, Chris. You are a wonderful teacher and have my deepest respect.

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