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January 20, 2021
Tough Talks - E067 - Are You Spiritually Malnourished. with dr. Daniel Harner

TOUGH TALKS: Are You Spiritually Malnourished? Dr. Daniel Harner

Dr. Daniel Harner is a former traditional Psychotherapist who has shifted to what he refers to as Psycho-Spiritual Mentoring. A couple of the things I love about Daniel is his genius and his ability to dumb it down for us. He even acknowledges that a huge part of his work is to make conversations about "Spiritual Nourishment" accessible and understandable for 5 years olds. Daniel is that refreshing combination of deep as hell and cool as hell. He's dropping wisdom bombs left and right over here on the function of suffering and he even teaches us that "the Devil is walking with us at all times" and how that's a great thing!
January 6, 2021
Tough Talks - E066 - Failure's Not An Option! with Jeff Nyce

TOUGH TALKS: Failure’s Not An Option! with Jeff Nyce

30 years as Commander and 4500 SWAT Operations in his career prepared Jeff Nyce to respond with infinite Mental Toughness when told he has terminal cancer and one year to live.
December 23, 2020
Tough Talks - E065 - Why Cope When You Can Heal! with Dr. Mark Goulston

TOUGH TALKS: Why Cope When You Can Heal?! with Dr. Mark Goulston

Most psychiatrists want to push meds on people to treat their trauma. Not this guy. He wants to help folks activate their internal pharmacy to help them not only survive but to ultimately thrive. His name is Dr. Mark Goulstin and he is the author of the famous book, Just listen, which has become the #1 book in the world on listening and has been translated into 26 languages.
December 9, 2020
Tough Talks - E064 - About Face Yourself. with Jason Flores.

TOUGH TALKS: About Face Yourself. with Jason Flores

While on Holiday in Iceland in 2016, a blood vessel in Jason's brain ruptured and almost killed him. It did partially paralyze him, but it sure as hell didn't stop him from creating a life of service as a result of it.
November 25, 2020
Tough Talks - E063 - Conscious Raggae! with Ryan Perez

TOUGH TALKS: Conscious Reggae! with Ryan Perez

This guy has been training his mind since 2003 when he was a competitive golfer. He has never had a job (unless you count the half of a shift he worked at a soft-serve yogurt joint) and instead has always followed his bliss. From pro-golfer to surf instructor to 8 year stint in the Coast Guard and now to professional Conscious Musician - he trusts the organizing intelligence inherent within his passions. Meet Ryan Perez. (He even does a little improv for us on his ukelele at the end!)
November 11, 2020
TOUGH TALKS - E062 - RESILIENCE!! with Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal

TOUGH TALKS: RESILIENCE!!! with Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal

She defines Resilience as the ability to allow any challenge to ENHANCE you. She enlightens us to three myths about Resilience and clarifies the truth for us. She also describes for us the 5 Practices of Particularly Resilient People (based on her research). And a quick heads up, if you use the phrase, "Everything happens for a reason," do some deep breathing before watching because she's gonna rip on you for that.
October 27, 2020
Tough Talks - E061 - Psychic Downloads, Magical Creatures and Mental Toughness with Colleen Gallagher .

TOUGH TALKS: Psychic Downloads, Magical Creatures and Mental Toughness
With Colleen Gallagher

Want to learn how to do "Psychic Downloads" and access "Divine Intelligence"? I recommend you do, because by the sounds of it, skill sets like these can make life a helluva lot easier and simpler. She was diagnosed with cancer at age 14 and refers to it as a blessing. And it sure didn't happen "to her." It didn't even happen "for her." It happened "AS her." She'll explain.
October 14, 2020
TOUGH TALKS - E060 - Connectedness, Guerrilla Warfare and Eating Live Locusts with Ret Gree

TOUGH TALKS: Connectedness, Guerrilla Warfare and Eating Live Locusts
With Ret Green Beret, Dr. Joseph E. Long

They say that The Green Berets are the smartest and most lethal fighters in the world. Our guest today is one of them and he's here to tell us why connectedness, of all things, is critical to success in Guerrilla Warfare and in Executive Leadership (he has a Ph.D. in that, by the way).
September 30, 2020
Tough Talks - E059 - Chainsaws, Tragedy Magnets and Mental Toughness! with Col Deb Lewis

TOUGH TALKS: Chainsaws, Tragedy Magnets and Mental Toughness! with Col. (Ret) Deb Lewis

Today we get to hear what Mental Toughness means from Deb Lewis, a retired Army Colonel who was in the first class at West Point that ever accepted women, survived the 9/11 attack on The Pentagon, and teaches people (predominantly, but not exclusively women) how to leverage stress.
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