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I actually agree with the comment, “Don’t get your hopes up.” But for a contrary reason.

Typically when someone says, “Don’t get your hopes up”, they’re implying that the likelihood of you getting what you want here is so low that if you become hopeful, you’re likely to get hurt.

They’re reinforcing one of the most profound and popular lies being propagated today – that there’s a problem with not getting what you want. So to avoid the hurt that comes with that, lower your expectations and be less hopeful.


The reason I agree with the comment, “Don’t get your hopes up”, is that “hopes” are downgraded forms of decisions. So don’t, in fact, get your “hopes” up. Instead get your decisions up. Upgrade your certainty. Choose to create your visions and desires, don’t wish.

You may ask, “But how can you possibly KNOW that you’ll be able to manifest your desires?!” And inherent within that question is the conditioned belief that it’s not possible, or intelligent, for you to simply CHOOSE that you will have what you want.

When I operate from the certainty, or KNOWING, state, I activate all forms of intelligence. And therefore I maximize the likelihood of fulfilling my desires – with least effort. Maximize the likelihood. That’s all. Not guarantee it.

So now that’s confusing.

I operate from a state of KNOWING, but yet I’m still not guaranteed to get what I want? So how can I be “KNOWING” if I also know it’s not a guarantee?

Because that’s the beauty of the infinitely free mind. We can choose what we believe in every moment, and knowing that KNOWING is the most intelligent choice, I can make that choice even knowing that KNOWING doesn’t guarantee anything – just makes it more likely.

See how simple?

You’ve likely seen this great, short clip on YouTube, but regardless, it’s solid, and relevant here…


One more twist on this whole twisted deal…

The problem isn’t ever with getting your hopes or expectations up. Because there’s no problem with not getting what you want. The problem is our inability or unwillingness to ACCEPT what we get and to work masterfully with that.

We’re encouraged to lower our expectations so that we reduce the possibility of being let down. Let’s try this instead: Stop choosing to believe it’s a let down when we don’t get what we want, and instead interpret it simply as a result. And then accept it fully and find the way to work perfectly and intelligently with it.


One of my favorite definitions of enlightenment:  Having a mind that is open to everything, but attached to nothing.

Expect miracles, get your hopes up so high that they transform themselves into decisions. Act from that place and watch the miracles unfold – regardless of whether they’re the miracles you expected!

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