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Distraction: How To Stop Being A Victim Of It

We have been conditioned to believe that distraction is a thing that happens TO US. Therein lies the problem.

Our ability to become impervious to this phenomenon that we refer to as “distraction” is entirely contingent upon owning the fact that we do it to ourselves. We don’t “get distracted.” We distract ourselves. And we do so by shifting our focus away from our mission. It’s that simple.

Had an interesting thought while in session with one of my Pro Golfer clients.

When a patron in attendance at a golf tournament makes a noise (coughs or sneezes, phone rings, camera shutter click, talks loudly when a player is getting ready to hit) and the player loses focus, instead of the caddie rudely yelling at the paying customer, the caddie should openly and loudly yell at THE PLAYER to use their mind more powerfully and FOCUS!!! Why aren’t they yelling at the birds who so rudely chirp in mid-swing? The bugs that so rudely climb right onto their damn golf balls?! Why aren’t they yelling at them? And the damn noisy blimp overhead that won’t shut up? Or that annoying wind through the pine needles! Why aren’t they scolding those things?!

No one and no thing can “distract you” – you distract yourself. TRAIN YOUR MIND!

(Ask Steph Curry how distracted he is when he’s staring down a free throw with fans screaming and waving the middle finger through the glass backboard.)

I applaud my client for committing to not being a victim of distraction. He actually pledged to instruct his caddie to yell at him in front of the crowd if he ever lets his mind weaken and distracts himself because of anything, not just a fan.

So the question is, “How do I train my mind in order to be immune to distraction?”


  1. jay tyler says:

    Chris, always love your focus, and specificity around the topic. You are a rare person. Keep it up. Keep being you. Jay

  2. JoAnna Brandi says:

    Wow another home run! I do, and I do it so well!

  3. Mary Westheimer says:

    Thank you, Chris! As usual, spot on. As I believe you know well, this is part of the practice of meditation. When I allow my mind to wander, I label it: “Oh, a thought.” And then go back to a clear mind…..

    • The Mental Toughness Coach says:

      Thanks, Mary!!! I have thoughts but I am not my thoughts! And I don’t even need to care about them!

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