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Getting Above The O-Line: How to Elevate State

Here is a short clip from a keynote I gave recently in Las Vegas for a very large software company. The theme, as you’ll detect, was “Starting with Success.”

One of my most relied upon mantras is, “Create the State, Don’t Wait.”  One of the biggest mistakes we have all learned to make is waiting for something great to occur in the outer world before we let ourselves enter into high-grade states. In other words, we’ve learned to permit the outer world to govern the inner world. And that’s backwards.

Here’s a 4 minute-long clip of me describing the importance of STARTING with state and then having the elevated state make the creation of excellence much more effortless and likely.


  1. Phil Shumway says:

    PuppetJi: Outstanding. I’d like to hear the rest of it. Congrats on having an impact on peoples thoughts and lives.

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