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The “Wrong” Side of The Bed?!

If you use the phrase, “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today,” go ahead and stop doing that. Stop saying that.

There are few phrases that are weaker and more deeply steeped on the victim mentality than that. “It’s not my fault that my life sucks,” is equivalently weak. I think they’re about the same in terms of low grade thinking/beliefs that lead to failure of intelligence.

Let’s break it down. Because it’s fun to do that. And we get to do that since we’re alive and designed for growth.

“I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” When I say that, what am I really saying? What are the beliefs inherent within that?

I’m implying that this bad mood that I’m in is happening TO ME. I’m not creating it. No, Sir. It’s totally happening TO ME.

Don’t expect my mood to change anytime soon. It’s gonna be that way a while. Barring some remarkably desirable outside event, my mood’s going to be pretty bad for a while, so be forewarned.

One of the greatest things about being human is that we CREATE our moods.

We have the ability to choose ANY state of mind in every given moment. What freedom!

Much like a light switch instantly turns on a light, we can instantly turn on any mood. In a moment. We have that ability. All we need to do is change our thoughts. Change the thought, change your mood. That simple.

If you awaken in some kind of funk or unpleasant mood, it can only be for one reason – you’re thinking poorly right off the bat.

Maybe you’re remembering the unpleasant thoughts you went to sleep with. Maybe you had an unpleasant dream. It doesn’t matter. Change your thoughts and change your mood.

Good moods activate intelligence. Choose those.

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