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Get Cool With Your Greatness… Again.

Re-strengthen your ability to effortlessly acknowledge your excellence.

I stood on the 18th green of a golf course one busy Saturday summer afternoon and asked everyone that just finished their round of golf the following question, “How’d it go?”  Adults answered with miserable responses. Vulgar, in fact. they berated themselves with profanity and shared story after story of how they managed to screw up – or how they GOT screwed. Children, on the other hand, replied with enthusiastic, celebratory stories of their successes. Why is that?

Before we are conditioned to do otherwise, we spontaneously view the world in an inspired way. We see the beauty and we see opportunity and we also see our own excellence. Until we’re educated to shift our attention away from the things that make us feel great – and to prioritize the things that need to be corrected, or the things that went wrong or the things that just plain suck (which, in reality don’t exist, because nothing “sucks” on its own until you choose to interpret it that way – but that’s a different blog post, The Wrong Side of The Bed …click that!).

The liability that accompanies prioritizing our short-comings as the focal point is that we lose out on all the good drugs! See, when we choose (always the operative word in my blog posts and ALL-IN! Blasts … when we choose to pay attention to our success or our greatness, we are instructing our brain to release neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine which are the on-switches to all the learning centers of the brain. Those chemicals have us simultaneously FEEL great and BE great. Did you catch that? Cause that’s a pretty sweet deal. All you gotta do is recall your excellence and the result is that you not only feel great, but you also activate all forms of intelligence. Huh. Nifty how that brain works, isn’t it?

It’s for this reason that in all of my coaching, whether with athletes or executives or sales teams, I always have my clients take the time to do what we call a “Post Game Routine”. After a performance of any sort – a game, a sales call, a presentation, a speech, a tournament, a sales cycle or a quarter of the fiscal year, the client will answer three questions:

1. How was I AMAZING?

2. What’s the BIG lesson for me from this event?

3. What, SPECIFICALLY, will I do to GROW from it?

So, you see, there IS, in fact, attention paid to where you may have struggled, but that comes secondarily to the intelligent priority – your excellence. AND, the way that we acknowledge the brutal facts is with enthusiasm as opposed to self-deprecation. But the big point here today is that the smart thing to do if you’re at all interested in continued excellence is to spend your first few moments selectively attending to how you kicked ass!

The more you do this, the sooner you’ll return to your default self-assessment position – automatically and effortlessly acknowledging your greatness. And, consequently, you’ll be maximizing the likelihood of repeating and elevating that excellence.


  1. DeWitt Gibson says:

    So much truth here, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Dave Young says:

    Always love these enlightenment bombs. Thanks Chris. I also believe it is possible for each of us to weave those 3 questions into the very fabric of our being so that we are making that inquiry at the end of each and every moment of our lives. Even more than a post-performance exercise, it’s quite possibly a beautiful and freeing way of life.

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