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Affirmations Alone Just Ain’t Gonna Cut It!

So what’s an affirmation, anyway? A nice flowery little phrase? A sweet little jingle that’s gonna make everything alright? If I can just keep reciting it every day it’ll come true!

Right. That’s a very popular lie.

And what’s the real intention behind saying affirmations in the first place? It’s to create some desirable state of affairs or conditions or set of circumstances, right?

If so, then in my experience, in coaching people for decades to create the lives of their dreams, the affirmations alone…they just ain’t cutting it.

What creates results? Right action does. And what generates right action? Your STATE OF BEING.


Consider this phrase: “The outer world is a reflection of the inner world.” The inner world, or your state of mind, is where it all starts.

Want to know the biggest mistake I witness people making in the pursuit of the lives of their dreams?  Waiting.


Waiting for something outside of myself to occur. Waiting for some set of conditions to be different in order to feel the creative state. Waiting for some proof that the time is right, or that I’m competent enough or qualified enough or prepared enough or deserved enough. Waiting for the universe to bring me my desires.

If I believe that my affirmations alone will result in my desired outcomes, I’m going to be waiting a long time.

I do believe that we live in an abundant universe, where our desires are all, in some form, available to us. But I also believe that the universe doesn’t reward waiting. It responds to the energetics of our state and the mechanics of our action.

So it all starts with STATE.


Let’s take that first affirmation in the image up top as an example. “I am calm.” Saying that doesn’t make me calm. I could be standing backstage before a huge keynote presentation with a room full of 500 people waiting to hear me speak, feeling nervous as hell, and saying to myself over and over, “I am calm.” And that alone isn’t gonna change a thing. What’s going to change my state from nervousness (or worry about something going wrong, or doubting my competence) to Mastery and Expertise is CHOICE. I must make the DECISION to change my state. Right then and there. Without needing anything else to be different. Without needing to have delivered a hundred keynotes successfully before. I have the power to CHOOSE expertise regardless of my history. I have the power in every moment of my life to CHOOSE my state and to switch into it in that very moment, in a moment. I can create the state I want, and from that place my actions are creative and masterful. And from that right action comes results.

You have access to every state in every moment. It doesn’t have to take time to alter or upgrade your state. It only requires the decision to do so. If you’re going to use affirmations as a tool in this wonderful game of creating your dreams (which, by the way, none of us “needs” to do, but rather “get” to do), then make certain that as you speak to yourself that you CHOOSE to create the state in THAT VERY MOMENT and to operate then from that place. Don’t wait for it to “become” true in a minute or a month or a year. Choose it NOW. Choose to be it now.


Now, in light of all this affirmation stuff, I came across this hilarious and sweet video again today in preparing this message, so I thought I’d share it. You’ve probably seen it already by now, but it’s worth the 50 seconds!

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