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Love The Drama, Baby!

I so agree. And I love this image. It reminds me that without awareness, each of us is simply a puppet on a string, being directed by circumstances and external forces.

If I summarize the entire process of Mental Toughness Training, or Heightening Consciousness (terms which I use synonymously), into one word, that word is AWARENESS.

It’s awareness that permits us to free ourselves from the conditioning of our pasts so that we can experience reality as it is, in all its infinite splendor.

In the image above, I think of us as simultaneously being both the marionette as well as the puppeteer. In the form of the puppeteer, we are the unified source of creativity. In the form of the marionette, we are human, playing on stage in a show called “Life”. And the strings represent the conditioning that dictates our states and our decisions – our every move.

So the game we’re playing here is to gradually awaken, through awareness, to the fact that we have the ability to eventually cut the strings (free ourselves from conditioning) and thus experience total freedom. And bliss.

So what is it that this conditioning would have us believe?

It would have us believe that there’s a problem. Or that there could be a problem at some point in the future. Fundamentally, that we might not be OK. And that’s just not true. Unless I choose to view it that way. Because I’ve been conditioned to do so.

And what does awareness permit me to realize?

It permits me to remember that I am the entire universe pretending to be human. And that I co-create my dramas for entertainment. And that there is no problem with this world. That the only problem is in the way I look at it. And that with practice, I can look at it with awe and appreciation and gratitude and enthusiasm. And only that.

“All the world’s a stage.”  Enjoy the show!

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