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We are so accustomed to being given lists of options for everything from what to order at a restaurant to what career to choose, that most of us have no idea what we really REALLY want in life. We’ve anesthetized our ability to THINK for ourselves about how we most profoundly want to use our miraculous lives.

Afford yourself the luxury of some real private time  – some unplugged and uninterrupted time – to reflect on how you would like to use the rest of this Miraculous Life of yours. Regardless of where you are in life, regardless of age, regardless of status, create the time to ask yourself “How now do I truly want my life to be?” And then make a move toward it. Do something you’ve never done before.


  1. John Hoskins says:

    Key word is “unplug”. It’s pretty difficult when we are addicted to social media, email, skpe-ing, zooming and texting.

  2. claire ponirou says:

    Loved this Chris! Amazing and simple content that hits the right spot!

    • The Mental Toughness Coach says:

      Geia, Claire! Simple and useful is what we’re going for! You’re the best! See you in Jordan!!!

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