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Don’t Believe Your Thoughts

I have a mind, but I am not my mind. I have a brain, but I am not my brain. I have thoughts, but I am not my thoughts.

A favorite mantra of mine, and an amazing rule of thumb:

Whenever you are feeling anything even remotely unpleasant, it is for one reason and one reason only. In that moment you are believing a thought that is simply not true.

That’s amazing news because you can upgrade your thinking in a second and in that very moment your state changes. And when your state changes, your world changes. And you have total control over your thoughts – IF you are aware of them.

Big IF. Train yourself to become amazing at noticing your emotions and whenever you feel unpleasant, remember that in that moment you’re believing a lie. Change your story, and your life experience changes.

So, for example, I notice myself feeling anxious about finances. I’m talking to myself in really low grade ways about my bills and where the money will come from and how I may be in serious trouble (I used to spend¬†consecutive months in that fearful state, so I am intimately familiar with it) and I’m using catastrophic language and I feel like shit. But I NOTICED it. Which means I’m aware of it. I’m awake to it. I’m conscious of it. So I can DO something about it.

I can say to myself, by virtue of feeling anxious, I know that whatever I’m believing right now isn’t true. I’m believing that I do not have control over my financial destiny. I’m in the lie that money wields power over me and that I am victim to it. I am believing that I lack the ability to simply create money at will with my creativity. I am believing in scarcity. I’m actually believing that I couldn’t go out there today and create thousands of dollars – TODAY.

And then I can rewrite that weak story. I can re-author that into the truth. Since I’m the AUTHORity of my mind, my thoughts, my emotions and my life, I get to re-story anything. So I get to replace the lie with the truth. The truth is simply that I GET TO play the exciting game of creating money. I GET TO utilize my creativity and my passions to simultaneously serve AND generate fat cash. Which is cool.

And this is the process. No matter what the subject matter of the unpleasant emotions – stress, depression, anger, shame, etc., all you need to do is notice it, remember that it is only and entirely the result of believing a lie, and then, finally upgrade your interpretation of your reality in that moment. Rewrite your story. Inspire yourself! Get enthused! Be in appreciation! Be in awe! In gratitude! All of these states activate intelligence and creativity – and have you be amazing.

Create miracles!



  1. Carmen Perez says:

    What are the condiions?

    • The Mental Toughness Coach says:

      Hi, Carmen. Can you clarify the question you’re asking? I’m not sure I’m entirely clear.

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