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The Courage to Declare

Want to further insure that you keep your pledge to yourself? Publish it. Declare it publicly. Not necessarily on a billboard – although that’s a very bold and courageous way to do it – as demonstrated by Deuce Lutui when he declared TBOLITNFL ( Alternatively, you can declare your decision/commitment spontaneously throughout your life. Create opportunities to share your “resolutions” with folks.

I’ll demonstrate:

I will be on time for every appointment I have in the year 2018. I will not be one single minute late for any appointment.

That’s my declaration. I’m putting it out there. Knowing that you’re reading it makes me even more accountable than I was by declaring to myself and it also gives folks the opportunity to support me in that.

It’s interesting to notice when I’m reluctant to declare a commitment. When I have reluctance it’s almost always because I’m not 100% committed. I’m afraid to put it out there. What if I don’t back it up? Then what? What will they think? Then what will that mean about me?

When I’m ALL IN on my commitment, my pledge, my resolution, my decision, then those questions don’t exist.

Do you have any resolutions that you are reluctant to publish for fear that you won’t fulfill them?

If so, you can either replace the resolution with one you are truly¬†FULLY committed to, or you can upgrade the “goal” to a decision. Honoring your word to yourself is living powerfully.

Create Miracles!

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