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Welcome to Heaven

If you really examine (a) the evolution of the cosmos and, (b) the probability of you ever existing, it becomes very apparent that everything is miraculous and that we’re already in heaven.

In the beginning (at the time of The Big Bang) there were particles and anti-particles. The ratio of them was ever so slightly in favor of the particles. These billions of things collided with each other, annihilating each other, and the result was a few particles were left (about 10 to the 80th power).

If that number was even a tad higher, the gravitational forces would have been stronger than the energy expansion and everything would have collapsed in on itself into one big black hole.

If that number of particles was even a tiny bit lower, the expansion of the universe would have been too fast for galaxies to form.

Gravitational forces, electromagnetic forces and electrons needed to be precisely as they were in order for stars to evolve into supernova (the most cataclysmic event in the cosmos). Supernova results in the heavy elements (i.e., carbon, oxygen) – the biological building blocks.

The list of circumstances that needed to be, and continue to be EXACTLY as they were/are for anything to come into existence goes on ad infinitum. Pure precision. Perfectly choreographed flawlessness. Even the violent kaboom of a star exploding is precise in that it results in the stuff that we’re made of. We are part of a flawless operating system – an organizing intelligence. We aren’t IN it. We ARE it.

Now, additionally, if we consider that when we were conceived, there were 250 million sperm cells competing to fertilize one ovum, and the one that won is you, you gotta feel a little lucky.

And both of your parents won their own lotteries. And so did their parents. And think of all the events that needed to occur exactly as they did in order for your great great great grandparents to ever even meet each other so those lotteries could even ever happen….phew. Cha ching!

Now consider how much time you spend in a state of wishing things were different.

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  1. Cy Garrick says:

    Love that perspective Chris! Life truly is miraculous!

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