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Be Cool With Your Bad Assness!

So last week I announced that I was offering an Apprenticeship, and that took all of 15 hours to fill! The response was remarkable – I’m still getting inquiries about it. It was so strong that I’ve decided to offer a Modified Apprenticeship to a couple more folks.

It’s really exciting to see how many people from so many different walks of life are genuinely interested in entering the world of coaching! I had responses from former NFL stars, mothers of clients I’ve coached for years, uber successful sales team leaders, a Para-Olympian, authors, coaches and even retirees.

Coaching is the fastest growing industry on the planet, and I’m so very pleased to know so many people who are genuinely interesting in serving the world through this great profession.

On another exciting note, I’m off to Cambodia next week with my buddy and colleague, Jeff Ritter of the Make The Turn Program to co-facilitate a corporate golf retreat for clients of Barclays Bank. We’ll be bringing back some cool footage of that remarkable experience, so stay tuned.  For more information on our corporate Make The Turn Program please visit

And finally, I just recorded a short Mental Toughness Training video on something that I feel VERY strongly about. It has to do with how we have all learned to play small and how disastrous that is and ONE simple and powerful thing that we can all do to help us step confidently, and perpetually, into our own greatness. I think you’ll dig it. Have a look….

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