The How Obstacle - The Mental Toughness Coach - Chris Dorris

The How Obstacle

We have been conditioned to believe that we need to have an answer to the question HOW? And we DON’T! That’s the HOW obstacle. You don’t need to know the HOW in order to decide the WHAT.


  1. Dave Young says:

    Love this so much. I am often dismayed by the prevalence of well-meaning personal development types who continue to preach ‘process’ and ‘plans of action’ and other euphemisms for inauthentic behavior as the ticket to an elevated life. To even suggest that the ‘action’ part is something we must force ourselves to do is a disservice to the way life works. Thanks again — and always — for this powerful reminder Chris.

    • Chris Dorris says:

      Roger THAT, Brother. Waiting is the enemy of creation. And there ain’t no good reason to wait to “move towards!” Thanks, Dave.

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