What It Means to Be Above “The O-Line”

One of the greatest human superpowers is the ability to alter our emotional states in a moment’s time. But we weren’t taught that in school. In fact, not only were we not taught that, we were actually taught how to be victims of circumstance and permit the outer world to govern our inner states.

All human peak performance research uniformly supports that humans are at their best when they feel their best. Here is a brief video explaining precisely how to alter your states rapidly in order to increase the probability of kicking ass or simply feeling great.


  1. Dave Young says:

    I’ve heard you speak on this before but never wrapped up better. If this is anyone’s first intro to the O-Line I’ll mention something I’ve heard you say before, that the the goal of the practice is to shorten the time it takes to go from low-grade to high-grade interp. It’s still a fun little game I’ve been playing for a few years now and getting faster all the time.

    • The Mental Toughness Coach says:

      Amen, Brother. A fun game it is, indeed. Shortening the time we spend in unnecessary dis-ease. Good to hear from you, Dave. Hope to see you soon!

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