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College Seniors, DON’T GET A JOB!


If you or someone you know is about to graduate from college, please advise them NOT to get a job!

Jobs are becoming obsolete. If your friend loved listening to music, you wouldn’t advise them to go out and get some tape cassettes of their favorite music. You’d advise them to at least get a cd, or to download the music into their ipod.

Cassettes are to MP3’s as jobs are to passions. Inherent within our passions are the mechanics for success, fulfillment, and the greatest contribution and impact. When we are engaged in a project about which we are effortlessly and intrinsically rewarded, we activate all forms of intelligence and we spontaneously become masterful.

When we’re loving what we’re spending our lives doing, we are great at it.

This generation seems to already get that. They’re much less interested in finding a suitable career. They’re much more interested in finding meaning. And that’s precisely what the world needs in order to finally transcend the divisiveness of politics. The world needs its people to be loving their lives and how they’re using them. It doesn’t need any more misery and sacrifice. Humanity needs enthusiasm, passion, cooperation, innovation, creativity, collaboration, and compassion. When we feel fulfillment and meaning and deep reward from how we are spending our lives – we are all of those things.

No more jobs. No more making a living. What the world needs now from its emerging leaders is to invest in happiness, not survival.

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