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Just made that word up.


It’s a combination of fantasy and action. I’m pretty sure it was Einstein who said, “Imagination is the preview of coming attractions.” And Buddha said, “The mind is the forerunner of all things.” And one of my favorite mantras of all time, “The outer world is a reflection of the inner world.”

Everything initiates as an idea before it becomes manifest in the physical world. The shirt I’m wearing was an idea. This keyboard – an idea. We can even make the argument that the tree outside my window was the idea of the universe, or God (however you prefer to refer to the organizing intelligence). And so were you. All ideas in the non-local realm, before materializing into the local realm, or the physical world.

All things begin as fantasies. Which is really fantastic.

Fantasy activates passion. Passion activates intelligence and immediate action. And that’s a great recipe for success.

In my coaching practice, I am always reminding my clients to SLOW DOWN and create time to fantasize. It sometimes takes some convincing that doing so is actually responsible and as practical as anything. The opposite is hurrying through life driven by the belief that you should be somewhere else and don’t really have the time to waste sitting on your butt daydreaming.

Can you see the irony in all of that? “I have no time to stop and reflect on how I want to continue creating my life, see, because I’m too busy mindlessly rushing through it trying to get somewhere else that I’m not very clear on the nature of.”

At the very beginning of every coaching program, my clients are assigned what I call “The Genie Exercise.”

Aladdin Arabian Carton Genie Lamp Magical Aladin


If you had your own personal genie, and that genie had infinite powers (i.e., could rewrite the laws of the universe), and you had infinite wishes, what would you ask for?

It’s a clever way of asking the question, what do you really really want. But the genie helps to eliminate the temptation of estimating possibility so you can simply respond with what’s desirable – regardless of your estimate of it’s probability.

Miracles come from this exercise. I encourage you to take some time to sit and simply fantasize, like a child, about what magic you would love to create for your life. Ignite some passion with this. And then take some bold, courageous, heroic, unprecedented, crazy ass action that you’ve never taken before and see what comes of it.


  1. Michael Sasarman says:

    Very relevant to my current career journey – thank you Chris!

  2. Saira says:

    Respected Chris,
    The word “Fantaction” is a great combination of two unique words.  I like the quote ““The outer world is a reflection of the inner world.”. That is exactly what is happening throughout our life and we keep denying it. Unable to face the reality that problem is not the outer world but the inner Universe it not creating the purposeful fantasy to generate reality.
    Yes, the word haste, fast, speed are the production of this mass production era, where everything is measured by the speed. All are rushing to achieve highest in our life but it requires time, calmness, patience and peace of mind. What a pity! when our mind is filled with garbage influenced by the surrounding environment- we are always doubtful of the possibilities. Our Education System, Our Upbringing Environment, Our Corporate world. All are impeded with “more”, which is never enough.
    It further becomes complicated when a comparison journey start, the phobia of money is eating values of generations.

    The highest intelligence has created this World to help the human kind to live a gifted life in a peaceful manner where all play their parts towards the betterment.

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