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What Is Mental Toughness Training?

I had an amazing whirlwind, power-packed trip earlier this summer to southern Portugal.

I attended an event called A-Fest where I got to train my own mind while hanging out and brainstorming with globally thinking game changers. After that I headed to southern Spain. Marbella, one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited. I conducted a half-day Mental Toughness Training workshop with the leadership team of a Company with whom I contract.  After that, I had the great privilege of spending a day filming with Marbella’s most famous and skilled photographer/videographer, Charly Simon.

This is the amazing result of that day. A gorgeously artistic video expression of what Mental Toughness Training is.


  1. Karen Guggino says:

    Gorgeous video with a powerful message. Leave you wanting more! Loved it!

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