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The Shelf-Life of Commitment

In so many of my previous blogs, I’ve established that we create all of our psychological or emotional STATES with our thinking, and that one of the most powerful states that we can create for performance is the ALL IN! state – which is infinitely committed. When I’m in the ALL IN! state, I have no awareness of the possibility of “failure” because I’m too busy doing whatever it takes to get the mission accomplished.

Well, the point that I want to make today is every bit as important as understanding how to create the ALL IN! state. So please remember this mantra:




The shelf-life of the ALL IN! state is just like any other state’s. It’s brief. It’s fleeting. It goes away really really fast. So the significance of that is simple. We need to recommit, or get ALL IN!, again and again and again, every day AS IF FOR THE FIRST TIME! People make the mistake in thinking that because I committed once, intently, then I’m good to go for the duration. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, that’s why so many marriages fail. “I made my vows on the altar 10 years ago! I committed!” That ALL IN! commitment faded a long time ago in most cases. But that is NOT a problem. The problem would be to fail to RECOMMIT.

So my message to you is this, remember to make it a part of every morning, to recommit, to get ALL IN! again – as if for the very first time – on whatever it is that you DECIDE upon to create for yourself this day, this week, this month, this year!!!!


And in the meantime,






  1. Parker R Winder says:

    When your feeling of ALL IN! goes away…

    it DOESN’T mean that there’s something wrong with you.

    it DOESN’T mean that you shouldn’t have made that commitment.

    It DOESN’T mean that you aren’t meant to have that thing you want.

    It only means it’s time to recommit TODAY!

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