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Going Nowhere

Several years ago this month I took my first trip to Cabo San Lucas. One of my favorite¬†places in Cabo is the Marina. It’s where all the great fishing boats and yachts dock. In the Marina there’s a bar called The Nowhere Bar – its sign is pictured above. I love the name of that place. “Where are you going?” “I’m going Nowhere.” “Nowhere?” “Positively Nowhere.”

Nowhere reminds me that there’s really nowhere to go. There’s nowhere to get to. There’s nowhere that I should be. I’m already there.

My conditioning, of course, would have me think otherwise. “I should be further along. I should have more books published. I should have more money. I should be more recognized as a speaker. I should be a lower handicap at golf. I should be better at this, at that, and the other thing.” In our culture, we are addicted to not enough. We’re addicted to doing for doing’s sake and we are driven by the illusion of need as opposed to the beauty of desire.

There’s nowhere you need to be other than exactly where you are right now. Nowhere could be better than where you are in this moment. When you remember that on the cellular level, then you are free from obligation and urgency, and then you are activating all forms of intelligence. Then you are driven only by the light-heartedness of authentic desire and then you are at your most masterful.

Where is it you need to go?



  1. Shawn says:

    Countdown to Cabo. Only 30 more days until vacation! YIPPEE

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