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Waiting Is The Enemy!

This won’t take long…..

I’ve written about this time and time again, and I will continue to do so, because it’s damn important.

The number one mistake that I witness people making in the pursuit of their dreams, desires, mission, goals is waiting.

I had a coaching call recently with an ambitious woman who wants to open her own business. She was convinced that it would take 5 years. After some questioning, it became readily apparent that her 5 year estimate was ludicrous. It would never need to take 5 years in order for her to open the doors.  The only hurdle that needed to be cleared was to generate the finances to fund her venture. THAT’S IT! (Do you hear that? That’s all. Just the $$.)

She was CONVINCED that it would take years and years to get started. ONE question had her change her mind. Here’s the question:

“Would it be possible to have this happen sooner?”

Yes, but where would the money come from? And the only appropriate response is, from where ever it is at the time, and go get it!

We all wait. We wait to move in the direction of our dreams for a multitude of reasons. None of which are legit. Stop waiting. Move towards. By moving towards, we activate the mechanics that are inherent within our desires – the mechanics for their fulfillment.

I’ll keep you posted on her progress.

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