The #1 mistake people make in the pursuit of success | The Mental Toughness Coach - Chris Dorris

The #1 mistake people make in the pursuit of success

Here’s a short clip from a keynote I gave recently. It’s about removing all the unnecessary time that we tend to put between ourselves and our desires and the creation of excellence. It’s a timely clip as it has relevance to how we are or are not utilizing this unusual and challenging time that we are all being forced to slow down into. And create from. If we view it masterfully.


And additionally, I was sent this phenomenal diagram by a great friend over the weekend. No one seems to know its source. (If you know, please do tell.) Have a good thorough look at it. Who are you CHOOSING to BE in this time? We are always choosing who we are being. And we are all designed for growth. Let’s go have a virtual party in The Growth Zone!!!


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