The Beautiful People

The Lesson:

We are all expressions of Divine Grace in human form. Our nature is loving-kindness. We only hurt others because we are acting out of our own unhealed woundedness.

When we are able to choose to come from the state of loving-kindness, we will see the beauty in each other.


The Practice:

1. The Sanskrit term Tat Tvam Asi can be loosely translated to mean That Thou Are, or I AM That. The practice is to notice when you have judgment about another person, either negatively or positively, say to yourself Tat Tvam Asi, or I AM That. It’s a practice of remembering that we are mirrors to each other reflecting each other back to each other. When I can practice interrupting the judgment and recognize that I’m seeing myself in the other,

I’m not only radically accepting myself, but also I am seeing the beauty in the other.

2. Make the decision when going into social interactions that you will choose to see the beauty in the other(s). Simple as that.



All of life is a mirror.

I Am That.

When I change the way I look at people, the people I look at change.

I see Beautiful People everywhere I go.

Many years ago I took a trip to Cabo that turned into an unexpected journey of rapid, deep personal transformation.

This post is one of sixteen excerpts of a piece of writing that I did, that was inspired by this magical experience.

Each “chapter” contains a lesson that can be categorized as a lesson in Mental Toughness, personal development, or spiritual growth.

These chapters have been organized into three segments: the Lesson theory, a Practice, and relevant Mantras to help you in your own journey.

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