Success in Sales: Loving Your No's! | The Mental Toughness Coach - Chris Dorris

Success in Sales: Loving Your No’s!

Success in Sales is not a game of “Yes!” Getting “No” is not only not a problem – it’s the BEST thing that could’ve happened! “Yes” lives in the land of “No.”

Watch to learn why.


  1. Lori Kinder says:

    I’ve said this to myself for years, just not quite as articulately. I love your directness and realness. The response, “it’s perfect” is perfect.
    It happened, so we have the choice to embrace it or go crawl in a hole.
    Excited about the opportunity to capitolize on the nugget of gold. There is value in every set of cirumstances. I try to get as many ‘NOs” as possible, because I truly feel I’m getting closer to that huge YES

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