The Book of Mental Toughness Mantras by Chris Dorris - Front Cover Render

The Mantras in this book are mega-abbreviated, super-condensed versions of some of the most vital lessons you can embody as you go through life. Each mantra is short, packed with wisdom, and aimed at enhancing your Mental Toughness. Each will serve as a touchstone throughout your day, week and life, connecting you to the powerhouse within you—the powerhouse that IS you.

How would you live and work if you knew that you could create any of your desires and do it quickly? If you could learn to stop experiencing reality problematically and create excellence from everything that comes your way? If you could know that your word is ironclad? The simple practices in this book will help you develop a lifetime habit of reminding yourself how you prefer to interpret reality, how you want to feel from moment to moment, and finally, who you want to BE in the world.

Start your training. Get in your reps. The Book of Mental Toughness Mantras is your master playbook for the game of life.

Praise for The Book of Mental Toughness Mantras

“One could define Mental Toughness as the ability to trust what your heart is telling your mind, seasoned with the courage to act upon it. Chris’s Mantras help you do that.”

~ Iyanla Vanzant
Inspirational Speaker &
Host of “Iyanla: Fix My Life” on the Oprah Winfrey Network

“There’s some real Magic in these Mantras.”

~ Jon Dorenbos
Regular Guest on The Ellen Show, America’s Got Talent Magician Finalist &
Fourteen-year NFL Player and Two-time Pro-Bowler

“If you want an inspiring playbook for inner world peace and outer world decisive action, this is it! Chris Dorris lights you up with great stories, motivational brevity and wit!”

~ Steve Chandler
Author of Time Warrior

“Fantastic book. The wisdom in these pages can and should be read, studied, taken to heart, and — most importantly — immediately applied. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to create a more joyous, more successful, and ultimately happier life for themselves. If you have loved ones or others you care about, buy them a copy. They’ll thank you profusely and you’ll know that you’ve added immense value to their lives.”

~ Bob Burg
Co-Author of The Go-Giver
and The Go-Giver Book Series

“I love this book! Everyday, our minds have the opportunity to spin out of control. We churn and burn in the whirlpool of stress, worry, catastrophizing, or a million other crazy making emotions. This book is your life-jacket. Chris Dorris has the ability to make the profound simple by giving us all mantras where we can rest our thoughts. But it’s more than that. The concepts in this book are thought changing…actually LIFE CHANGING if we just set our minds on using them. Keep it by your desk and live one everyday. I know from my own experience, you will see incredible results.”

~ Alison “Doc Ali” Arnold, PhD
President, HeadGamesH2H: Emotional Agility

“The new Steve Chandler. Chris Dorris’ new book The Book of Mental Toughness Mantras is like alchemy, turning base metals into gold. In a world of maximized word counts and complex theory in ever-increasing manuals, Chris brings a masterful clarity and ease to life through each magical reminder. 
Keep copies ready to read again on your bedside table, in your car, in your bathroom, on your coffee table, and give one to each of your best friends. The simple and colorful wisdom effortlessly revealed within this book will enhance your life, moment to moment.”

~ Dr. Alan D. Thompson
AI Consultant at, Co-author of The Ultimate Coach &
Former Chairman for Mensa International (gifted families).

“As a business leader, I fully comprehend the vital role of Emotional Mastery in creating success. The mantras that Chris includes in this book are brilliantly simple and magically practical tools for helping people keep their minds tuned to create excellence in all areas of their lives faster.”

~ Garry Ridge
Chairman Emeritus WD-40 Company &
The Culture Coach

“This book represents Chris’s core value – service. The lessons are deep and the application of them is easy. I reach out to Chris a lot, and I really appreciate how he uses these Mantras in our dialogues. The Mantras are tools that will benefit you enormously, if you will use them. I encourage you to absorb the wisdom! This is one of the best personal development books I’ve ever read.”

~ Manisha Koirala
Bollywood Actor &
Author of Healed: How Cancer Gave Me a New Life